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The Department of Death offers free hosting to owners of Grim Fandango related websites (see our current hosted websites on the links page). The advantages of our hosting include:
  • Your own subdomain (http://yoursite.grim-fandango.com)
  • Very large disc space/bandwith allowances
  • PHP support and your own MySQL database if you need it
  • No adverts required on your site
  • Increased visitors due to links for our main site
  • Frequent data backups
  • Technical support and help setting up your site from us :)
  • It's completely free!
If you are interested in hosting simply let us know a little about your site and we'll get back to you with more info.

Site Statistics

Total Pieces of Fan Art:   167
Total Fan Fictions:   54
Total Fan Fiction Chapters:   134
Total Members:   1338
Total Comments:   675
Total News Items:   23

Site Credits

The following people have helped with the content sections of the site (not just the fan work sections) - if we've missed you off the list please let us know:

Site History

This site was originally founded by James and with the help of many people (see credits section) it became what it is today. Here is a little insight into how the site came to be:

After many failed attempts at creating a Grim Fandango fan site (mostly due to lack of programming knowledge), I (James) finally got round to learning how to code in PHP, and was able to create a functional site.

On 11th August 2004 the first version of The Department of Death was launched, featuring a basic news system, and a few pieces of information about the game. Gradually the site was worked on and improved, until around some time in mid-2005 when practically all of the content about the game was completed, including a database of the characters, locations and landmarks in the game, which is unique to this site.

The old Department of Death site

In December 2005 work was started on the template for a brand new version of the site. The plan was to have a full user registration/profile system similar to (although more indepth than) sites like The World of Monkey Island, so that users can submit and talk about content under one profile. Over the next few months a lot of work was put into the design and coding of this system, until now when it is finally finished.