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Demo / Patch / Trailer / Music / Launcher / Translations / Font


If you aren't sure about buying Grim Fandango, you should try out the demo. You can get the complete demo (54 MB) from the following locations:

3D Gamers (The Lucasarts official site redirects to here)
LucasFiles (Registration required)

The demo is approximately 50mb, and lets you play a part of the game near the beginning, where you are helping the LSA.


If you are having problems with Grim Fandango crashing, you should try out this patch. Or even if your game isn't crashing, you should still download it, as it is a vital patch released by LucasArts.

This patch fixes reported problems associated with having a very fast machine (Pentium II-400 and faster), a crash associated with copying over all the .LAB files from users’ CDs to their hard drives, and some other problems.

The patch is roughly 2MB. You can get the file from the following locations:

The Department of Death
3D Gamers

Some people seem to still have problems with the game even with the patch installed because their CPU is too fast. This is especially at the conveyer belt in year 3 and the wine lift in year 2. This can be fixed with a program called CPU Killer. It will slow down your CPU so you will be able to do the puzzles. Setting it down to something around 300MHz should fix the problem (but you will have to be patient through the loading sequences).


LucasArts released an official trailer for Grim Fandango prior to it's release. The trailer should give a good first impression to anyone who has never played the game before. It also features a few scenes which aren't included in the final game.

Official TrailerOfficial Trailer

The trailer is 12.7 MB, and to increase compatibility, it has been converted to AVI format by bgbennyboy. It can be downloaded from the follwoing locations:

The Department of Death
LucasFiles (Requires registration)
YouTube (Streaming online)


The Grim Fandango soundtrack is now very hard to find. It occasionally sells on eBay for around $100. But don't worry! The entire Grim Fandango soundtrack is available for download here (many thanks to the Grim Fandango Network for hosting it).

Soundtrack Cover

01 - Casino Calavera
02 - Swanky Maximino
03 - Smooth Hector
04 - Mr. Frustration Man
05 - Hector Steps Out
06 - Hi-Tone Fandango
07 - She Sailed Away
08 - High Roller
09 - Domino's in Charge
10 - Trouble with Carla
11 - Blue Casket Bop
12 - Manny's Office
13 - Rubacava
14 - Blue Hector
15 - This Elevator is Slow
16 - Domino
17 - Don Copal
18 - Neon Ledge
19 - Nuevo Marrow
20 - Gambling Glottis
21 - Raoul Appears
22 - Scrimshaw
23 - Talking Limbo
24 - Coaxing Meche
25 - Lost Souls' Alliance
26 - Los Angelitos
27 - The Enlightened Florist
28 - Temple Gate
29 - Ninth Heaven
30 - Compañeros
31 - Manny & Meche
32 - Bone Wagon

We also have a number of Grim Fandango midis based on songs from the soundtrack. These were supposedly released by LucasArts and used to be hosted by Grim Fandango Central.

Domino's Office
Skyscraper Ledge
Cat Track
Skyscraper Roof

Three songs from the soundtrack of Grim Fandango were released onto the web by LucasArts with a description by the composer Peter McConnell, which can be found here.


Bgbennyboy created an improved launcher for Grim Fandango. The launcher can:
  • Run the game without the CD (by copying the files to the hard drive)
  • Run the game in windowed mode
  • Enable the developer mode with a list of special debug keys
  • Patch the game if it isn't already
  • Support all versions of Windows including Vista and Vista64!
Warning - running this will add the developer patch to Grim Fandango, which could stop the game from working. We recommend using it with a fresh install. Use at your own risk.

Download here from quick.mixnmojo.com (Readme included).

He has now released an updated Grim Fandango installer aswell, which runs on all versions of Windows (including Vista) and automatically installs his updated launcher and copies the game files to the hard drive.

Download here from quick.mixnmojo.com


So far we know about three fan-made translations for Grim Fandango. These will completely translate the dialogue of the game into a different language. If you know of another fan-released translation, please let us know!

After nearly a year's work a fan-made patch created by Bro.Ichi and Pscj translates the whole of Grim Fandango into Chinese (simplified). To install the patch you simply need to download and run the installer. Screenshots and more information are available on our languages page.

Download : GF_Setup.exe (1.55MB)

A fan-made Greek translation patch is now also available for download. Version 1.0 of the patch is compatible with both the original English version (1998) and the updated version included in LucasArts' Entertainment Pack (2002). It translates the subtitles and game menus in Greek, and also installs a modified version of bgbennyboy's Grim Fandango Launcher 1.3.1 with a language selection option. The greek patch will also automatically download and install the 1.01 official patch, copy necessary files from the installation CDs to the disk drive, and may apply an optional patch for running Grim Fanfango on multi-core CPU platforms.

Download: grim-fandango-greek-1-0-b.zip (1.92MB)

In early 2008 the game was translated into Turkish by Alper Kurt with the great support of Oyungezer. The relevant topic can be found here. Thanks to Nejdet Metin for letting us know about this!

Download: GrimFandagoTurkce.rar (0.81MB)

The fan group ScummBR, who have translated many classic LucasArts adventure games into Portugese (Brazil), released a translation patch for Grim Fandango. The relevant forum thread can be found here. Thanks to David for providing the info on this.

Download: gfandango_patchbr.zip (1.59MB)


The Dango font is the same font used in the Grim Fandango intro.

Dango Font

Download: dango.zip (16KB)