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For guitar and bass tabs of the Grim Fandango soundtrack songs make sure you check out our hosted site The Blue Casket at http://bluecasket.grim-fandango.com!

Here's our selection of Grim Fandango music arranged by fans of the game. At the moment sheet music is not done through the database (due to the low amount of it), so it is not shown in member's accounts and cannot be submitted through the submission system

If you want to send in any email us with it and we'll add it to this page. If in the future there is more sheet music it may turn dynamic.

    Manny and Meche - Arranged by Ed Day
Guitar, incorporating the bass and violin parts

    Swanky Maximino Page 1 - Arranged by iMuse Island
    Swanky Maximino Page 2 - Arranged by iMuse Island
    She Sailed Away (pdf format) - Arranged by Alia

    Sanspoof (pdf format) - Arranged by Alia