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See fans' Grim Fandango artwork here
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Here is a list of other Grim Fandango/LucasArts adventure sites worth visiting. If you'd like your site linked to here, just send us your site's titles and address. It must be a Grim Fandango or LuacsArts adventure related site though. Click the image to visit the site

Hosted Sites (Hosting Info)

The Blue Casket The Blue Casket

An excellent site run by King Dando which focuses on producing bass and guitar tabs for the songs of Grim Fandango. It aims to eventually feature tabs for all of the game's songs.

A Lift Underground A Lift Underground

A relatively new site created by I say, I say which includes in-depth profiles of the characters and locations from the game, aswell as discussion forums.

Sweet As Mango Sweet As Mango

A site created by VampireNaomi (who you may recognise from the large amount of fan fiction she's contributed to the site) dedicated to Nick and Olivia, and featuring some of VampireNaomi's fan fiction and fan art.

Official Grim Fandango Site Official Grim Fandango Site

Lucas Arts' Official Grim Fandango site, back from just after the game was released. It includes a lot of information about the game and it's development. Unfortunately, LucasArts removed this mini site from their website. However, we have an exact mirror version of the site.

Grim Fandango Central Grim Fandango Central

While it was around this was the largest resource for everything related to Grim Fandango, including information about the game, fan work and interviews. The site unfortunately disappeared in 2002, making it hard to find some of the great resources hosted by the site. Fortunately we were able to obtain an old version and recover quite a lot of the content.

The Petrified Forest The Petrified Forest

A great fan site created by Zaarin in early 2000 before he moved to working on the Grim Fandango Central. The site is no longer updated, but it still has a lot of useful content.

Grim Fandango Sites

The Grim Fandango Network The Grim Fandango Network

The longest running Grim Fandango fan site on the Internet, with lots of content about the game. It also features forums and an IRC chat room.

Ninth World Ninth World

Another large Grim Fandango resource, which has a very detailed section about the characters and locations of the game.

Grim Fandango Club Grim Fandango Club

A Grim Fandango club created on the art site DeviantArt. The club contains lots of original Grim Fandango fan art so make sure you take a look!

Grim Fandango Fan Listing Grim Fandango Fan Listing

A site where Grim Fandango fans from all around the world can sign their name to join the Grim Fandango fan listing.

D.O.D. Travellers Guide D.O.D. Travellers Guide

An awesome little site with a hand-drawn map of the land of the dead, and information about all of the major locations in the game.

Le Pays des Morts sur Internet Le Pays des Morts sur Internet

One of the only (if not the only) French Grim Fandango sites on the Internet. "Land of the Dead on the Internet" features lots of content about the game, and a French Grim Fandango forum.

LucasArts Sites

The LF Network The LF Network

A record of all of the websites in the LucasArts Fan Network, including plenty of sites about other LucasArts adventure games, such as Sam & Max, Monkey Island etc.

International House of Mojo International House of Mojo

This site features a large database containing information on every game ever produced by LucasArts with articles, reviews, injokes etc.

The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar

A huge Monkey Island resource with lots of information about the four games. But the site is now unfortunately dead, as the site owners have decided not to update it anymore.

The World of Monkey Island The World of Monkey Island

Another massive Monkey Island resource, with a very large fan art section, and one of the only major ones which still updates on a regular basis.

LucasHacks LucasHacks

A site focused focused on getting inside LucasArts games, which features a lot of tools (such as the popular SCUMM Revisited) and articles. There are some Grim Fandango related hacking files, so make sure you check out the site if you're into that sort of thing.

LucasArts Soundtracks LucasArts Soundtracks

A large site featuring downloadable soundtracks from nearly all of the LucasArts adventure games, including Grim Fandango.

Day of the Aliens Day of the Aliens

The website for the in-development 2D point-and-click adventure game Day of the Aliens.

LOL Stream LOL Stream

Nothing to do with LucasArts or adventure games - but a 'partner site'!