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Manny (Manuel Calavera)

Manny "My scythe, i like to keep it next to where my heart used to be"

Throughout the game, you control the greatly memorable character Manny Calavera.

Like any other soul in the Land of the Dead, all that Manny wants is to get to the land of eternal rest. However, due to his not so perfect life, he has to pay off some time before he can leave. He works as a travel agent in the Department of Death, as a reaper who finds travel packages for new souls in the Land of the Dead.


Extra Information

  • At the Department of Death where he works, he is rivals with his co-worker Domino Hurley.
  • He is relatively short, and uses stilts with his reaper costume to give himself an extra boost.
  • He has three distinctive triangles on the back and the front of his head.
  • At the last Department of Death christmas party, he got in a fight with Domino and ended up getting knocked out
  • Workplace: Department of Death
  • Occupation: Travel agent
  • Voice actor: Tony Plana