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Olivia (Olivia Ofrenda)

Olivia "It always takes those timid souls a while to get up the nerve"

Dark, sweet, smooth, dangerous; that's Olivia Ofrenda. She is a poetic soul who owns a beatnik club in Rubacava and has her own way of looking at things. Olivia loves no one, but is loved by many and as Maximino's girlfriend she has most of Rubacava at her feet. However, that may not be enough for her...


Extra Information

  • She has written many poems, which can be found here
  • Her club is called "The Blue Casket".
  • She has a way of wrapping men around her little finger.
  • Location: Rubacava
  • Workplace: Blue Casket
  • Occupation: Club owner/poet
  • Voice actor: Paula Killen