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Meche (Mercedes Colomar)

Meche "But it wasn't my fault. That puppy followed me out of the store."

Meche was one of the few souls to enter the Department of Death with a perfect record and a guarunteed ticket on the Number Nine. However, due to the corruption within the Department of Death, when Manny takes a look at her record he is told that she qualifies for nothing, and Hector keeps the Number Nine tickets she was entitled to.

Meche is sent to cross the Land of the Dead on a four year journey by foot. When Manny realises his mistake, he sets out on a quest to find her so that he can return her Number Nine ticket, and pay of his own debt and leave the Land of the Dead.

After two years of searching he spots Meche heading off with Domino on the SS Lambada. Manny falls for Domino's trap and follows them to Domino's island on the Edge of the World, where they are kept prisoner with Domino's many other slaves. However, Manny, Meche and Glottis together manage to work together and escape from the island bringing all of the captives with them.


Extra Information

  • Led a perfect life, in which she spent a lot of her life helping others who were less well off.
  • Was originally destined to be Domino's client, but Manny broke into the message sorting room and stole Meche's info so he could get to her first with Glottis' Bonewagon
  • Manny and Meche fall in love during the course of the game
  • Always carries a spare bullet in her hat just incase
  • Voice actor: Maria Canals