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Sal (Salvador Limones)

Sal "Viva la Revolución"

Sal was once, like Manny, a reaper for the Department of Death. However, he discovered a web of corruption within the Department of Death. He believes that the company is robbing the souls of their rightful desitinies. With this in mind he started up an underground movement - the Lost Souls' Alliance in an attempt to discover what is really going on within the Department of Death.

The Lost Souls' Alliance started off small, with the only members being Sal and Eva (who was working undercover as Don's secretary), but as time went on the orIsganisation grew, and soon it had dozens of soldiers in its much larger headquarters, who were all working to bring down Hector.


Extra Information

  • Sacrifices his own life during Year 4 to fight for his cause when he bites a sproutella bullet outside Hector's greenhouse, spreading the poisonous substance straight into Olivia, and himself.
  • Location: El Marrow
  • Workplace: Lost Souls' Alliance
  • Occupation: Head of the LSA
  • Voice actor: Sal Lopez