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Hector (Hector LeMans)

Hector "Funny, for some reason I was expecting Tulips"

Hector LeMans is the mastermind behind the evil web of corruption surrounding the Department of Death. He heads the plan to deprive the souls who pass through the Department of Death of their Number Nine tickets, which he then sells to rich people who don't deserve them.

If someone is no longer of use to him, he won't hesitate to sprout them, as can be seen when he sprouts Don Copal after he lets Manny swipe Mehce from Domino.

By Year 4 Hector's plans have begun to pay off. He has taken over the whole of El Marrow, and has undoubtedly become the most powerful figure in the town. The Lost Souls' alliance have become the only hope to fight back against Hector's corruption.


Extra Information

  • Works closely with Domino in their plan to steal Number Nine tickets.
  • Is eventually killed by Manny in his own greenhouse when Manny fills the greenhouse with poisonous sproutella gas
  • Location: El Marrow
  • Voice actor: James K. Ward