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Celso (Celso Flores)

Celso "But I don't want a new travel agent, I want to go home"

Celso Flores came to the land of the dead searching for his wife, who recently passed away. He visits to the Department of Death for a travel package. Due to the rigging of the company computers, Manny finds that Celso only qualifies for a walking stick, and has to walk the great distance to the underworld.

He ends up in Rubacava, running his diner, the "Rubamat", waiting for his wife to turn up.


Extra Information

  • For a period of time, he runs a diner in Rubacava called the "Rubamat" where he is waiting for his wife to pass. But he finds out (thanks to Manny), that his wife sailed away before he got there. He goes out on a quest for her, leaving Manny to run his diner.
  • Even though Manny found him as qualifying for nothing except a walking stick (therefore leading a bad life), he may have actually qualified for a lot more, but Manny's computer was rigged to show everyone as low-qualifying (as shown with Meche).
  • Luckily, Celso is eventually reunited with his wife
  • Workplace: Rubamat
  • Occupation: Rubamat owner
  • Voice actor: Peter Lurie