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Pugsy (Pugsy Peligiano)

Pugsy "I'll bite you, I swear to God."

Pugsy and his sister Bibi are two angelitos who were captures by Domino. He keeps them as slaves on his island at the edge of the world, forcing them to make lightbulbs all day.

They can fly, and they stay there to keep Meche company.


Extra Information

  • Thinking of his parents makes him cry. So it is probable that they died earlier and the angelitos couldn't find them.
  • For a bit of fun, use the bonesaw with the angelitos ;)
  • The voice actor who plays Pugsy (Pamela Segall) also does the voice of Spinelli in Recess.
  • Pugsy and Bibi were put in a cage for biting.
  • Can fly.
  • Had a ticket for the Number Nine, but it was stolen by Hector LeMans. Because of this, when he went to the Number Nine station, he was sent to waiting area 2, for people who 'sold' their Number Nine tickets.
  • The main visible difference between Pugsy and Bibi is that Pugsy wears a brown hat, while Bibi wears a blue one.
  • Location: Edge of the World
  • Occupation: Lightbulb maker
  • Voice actor: Pamela Segall