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Don (Don Copal)

Don "Manny, you couldn't find a sale at a yacht club!"

Don Copal is the boss of Manny's section of the D.O.D.. Although, he is not very serious with his job. On the Day of the Dead he set his computer to respond to his intercom, and climbed out of the window to join the festival.

But soon we find out that he was partly behind the corruption in the D.O.D.. Hector was forcing him to lead an operation to steal Number Nine tickets, and give people the wrong packages. But, as Don accidently lets Manny steal one of Domino's clients, Hector sprouts Don.


Extra Information

  • Isn't very serious about his job. One piece of evidence is Eva once says "Sorry Manny. It's probably a really hard crossword puzzle he's got in there today".
  • On the Day of the Dead, he set his computer to autorespond to his intercom, and climbed out of his window, and down a rope to the alleyway. He probably did this to take part in the festival.
  • Was in charge of the operation in the D.O.D. to steal clients' Number Nine tickets.
  • Later got shot by Hector because he let Manny steal one of Domino's clients.
  • Location: El Marrow
  • Workplace: The D.O.D.
  • Occupation: Boss
  • Voice actor: Michael Sorich