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Dom (Domino Hurley)

Dom "Manny, now I'm embarrassed for you"

Domino is a tall skeleton with wide shoulders and a big, friendly smile. He wears nice suits and has quite a sleazy tongue, if one can say so. However, under this deceiving shell lurks an arrogant, greedy and evil soul who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He clearly isn't as innocent as he pretends to be, and finding out just what Domino is up to, why and with who is one of Manny's goals in the game. Our hero's sleazy colleague most likely has powerful friends in his pocket...


Extra Information

  • For some reason he is now the top agent at the DOD and gets all the good clients.
  • Domino doesn't bother to hide his alcohol under his desk.
  • Was originally supposed to be Meche's Reaper.
  • Later in the game he has a pet octopus.
  • He likes boxing.
  • It was Domino who picked Meche up from the Petrified Forest, but we don't know the details of the matter.
  • Occupation: Reaper
  • Voice actor: Patrick Dollaghan