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By MannyAQUE - Gallery - Sunday 25th February 2007 @ 5:17 PM

This is my montage of the jon fish artwork (no link to GF) and the manny's face. Enjoy

Please visit his website:

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Calaveraz's Avatar
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Comments: 26

28 Feb 07
1:02 PM

Wow. Your works rock !

Wellll... Looks like a guiet night in old rubacava.

GFFFE's Avatar
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Comments: 3

27 Feb 07
12:51 AM

Wow! Great work!
Love your pics =D

It shone, pale as bone
As I stood there alone
And I thought to myself how the moon,
That night
cast its light
On my heart's true delight,
And the reef where her body was strewn.

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

26 Feb 07
11:57 PM

That sure makes Manny look epic. I trust that you've got Jon Fish's permission to edit his art?

Ostentatious's Avatar
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Comments: 43

26 Feb 07
4:32 PM

I took a look at Jon Fish's work and I greatly enjoyed it, particularly the piece that this 'Grim' related work is based on, I also enjoyed his image of a tree on a path against a dark sky. Thanks for the link and for your own effort related to his work. :D

Manuel Calavera:

"What a relief, I was getting concerned that our transport wasn't ostentatious enough."

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