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By Cicero - Gallery - Friday 23rd March 2007 @ 1:39 PM

I made this in HB pencil and then added a layer of Oil Magic and Lumocolor black markers. No editing done on the PC. It's basically Manny in his suit from year 2, with a few modifications such as the black collar and I thought I'd just add that spiky black thing that looks like a tree for kicks ;)

I left alot of white space... Makes it look more stylish imo.

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Comments: 10

05 Jan 09
8:33 AM


very stylish

..chasing a trail of smoke and reason..

Domino's Avatar
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Comments: 11

26 Apr 07
7:18 AM

I wish i could draw Manny that well! :\(


"Consider this your severence"


Ostentatious's Avatar
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Comments: 43

27 Mar 07
5:00 PM

I loved Manny's year two suit, so suave :p.

This is a brilliant drawing and I love the design on the back of Manny's hand, it's so much like the ingame one.

Manuel Calavera:

"What a relief, I was getting concerned that our transport wasn't ostentatious enough."

Leegrimfan's Avatar

Comments: 10

23 Mar 07
11:15 PM

I agree! This looks great, I love the black collar--makes it almost like a smoking jacket.

But, Olla, Stationary? "Dear Mr. Smith, Your time has come."

olla's Avatar

Comments: 27

23 Mar 07
6:03 PM

Oh! I love it - really and truly! It reminds me a bit of the tattoo in the gallery, but unique it's own way. Actually this would look awesome as a piece of stationery design.

Simply wonderful!

I had no feelings about it. It was aloof and licked itself too much, like my cat, Mr. Trotsky.

Calaveraz's Avatar
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Comments: 26

23 Mar 07
3:14 PM

Awesome !

Wellll... Looks like a guiet night in old rubacava.

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