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Evil Clown
By Sal - Gallery - Saturday 24th November 2007 @ 8:11 AM

Same clown, a little more smooth.
hn and yeah ..above the hand? yep itīs Manny.

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CalaveraCollector's Avatar

Comments: 15

09 Jan 09
12:27 PM

"Behold! Artwork of the man that constantly asked for dead worms and dingos! What? You wanted an actual picture?!? How am I gonna get that?"

Look, I told ya we don't have any kitty hats today.
Ya have to wait until Tuesday, that's "Kitty Hat Day."
-Doug The Bet Accepter Guy

Grim Reaper

Comments: 5

15 Feb 08
2:53 PM

Look'I have got soc Baetuioco
Grim Fandango death and Los Sims caoelo
male' si The End Part 2

Grim Reaper

Comments: 5

15 Feb 08
2:46 PM

No Saect Have is caoeo Grim Fandango and Death

Sal's Avatar
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Comments: 4

03 Feb 08
3:03 PM

thanks guys. actually it is 3d modeled ;D not ps
but that -> "Here, it looks like you"
would be awesome!

- primitive emotions -

Manny 4 Meche
Manny 4 Meche's Avatar
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Comments: 29

21 Jan 08
5:41 AM

wicked photoshop can u imagine if Manny walked to him in the carnival and the clown took out a baloon like in the pic and said "Here, it looks like you"

Manuel Calavera: My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.


08 Dec 07
10:04 AM

thanks for the nice comments
ok MannyAQUE
what do you need exactly? ;)

MannyAQUE's Avatar

Comments: 24

03 Dec 07
10:43 PM

Woah, cool ! , can i have the 3d model ?::

One day or another, you'll become a case of flowers...


26 Nov 07
2:09 AM

Not too bad at all. I like the Many statue.

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