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By Sanspoof - Gallery - Friday 29th February 2008 @ 7:47 PM

This is by me, for an art project, and it's currently on display in my upstairs hallway

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Sanspoof's Avatar
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Comments: 13

08 Jun 09
5:40 PM

Sorry, it's been a while since I logged in, thank you once again for the positive feedback and if anybody is still looking I'm doing a series of other pieces in the Dia De Los Muertos style and very much in the vein of Grim Fandango, so expect a lot more to come soon, thanks for making this excellent place for fan content James.

Some have days,
Some have hours,
But in the end...

We all push up flowers


15 Mar 08
4:40 PM

Really like the painting, decided to make it my new background since I had to recently had to reinstall my OS.

Great Job!

Sanspoof's Avatar
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Comments: 13

06 Mar 08
5:19 PM

Wow, really kind words here, this is actually a pretty old piece of mine, just over a year old now, its acrylic on canvas sized and pretty big (exact measurements elude me right now). I don't have any more Grim Fandango esque pieces right now but I might try something knowing that some people like this kind of work. I have my concept sketches I did for it somewhere and if I can dig them out I'll do it late tomorrow night.

I AM however working on a piece similar to this style, it's more inspired by Black-Velvetopia from psychonauts and its essentially just in the stages of "ooh, lets do a big painting with flourescent colours on black with a mexican feel to it, that would be cool huh?" but I might pull some GF into it, might actually make the idea come together in my mind.

Anyway, enough talking from me for now, if anyone wants to see my other (non-Grim Fandango) artwork, check out http://www.xander-n.deviantart.com, I update it fairly regularly.

and Who knows, maybe sometime soon I'll put something else up here.

oh and it took me about 10 hours in total.

,Ben "Sanspoof" Nathan

Some have days,
Some have hours,
But in the end...

We all push up flowers

olla's Avatar

Comments: 27

05 Mar 08
9:43 PM

Great painting? Is it acrylic on canvas? I love the colour and depth - really nice layout too. No clutter. I also like how Manny isn't the focus, I love him to death (and beyond) but seeing other characters gives them their nod too.

Beautiful. Anyway - have any others?

I had no feelings about it. It was aloof and licked itself too much, like my cat, Mr. Trotsky.

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

04 Mar 08
11:42 AM

Wow, that's an excellent picture. It captures the gloomy and melancholy side of GF really well.

Sal's Avatar
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Comments: 4

03 Mar 08
7:32 PM

oh and how long did you need for it? Any concept art shots or somthing similar? still a great piece of art

ps. thanks!

- primitive emotions -


01 Mar 08
1:04 PM

This is awesome! Looks like a long game. Very nice painting, do you have some more?

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