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Grim Christmas
By sfury - Gallery - Saturday 3rd January 2009 @ 10:55 AM

An old manipulation of one of the game screenshots.

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CalaveraCollector's Avatar

Comments: 15

08 Jan 09
12:49 PM

You have been bad this year Celso, very bad. Instead of a Double-N ticket you shall suffer for your sins with a walking stick that sounds cooler than it looks!

Look, I told ya we don't have any kitty hats today.
Ya have to wait until Tuesday, that's "Kitty Hat Day."
-Doug The Bet Accepter Guy


Comments: 10

05 Jan 09
8:32 AM

thank you! :)

should have put it here earlier

..chasing a trail of smoke and reason..

Manny 4 Meche
Manny 4 Meche's Avatar
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Comments: 29

05 Jan 09
4:36 AM

Really good, i like it very much

Manuel Calavera: My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.

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