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Glottis 1
By Number 28 - Gallery - Wednesday 14th January 2009 @ 8:24 AM

6" figure, Super Sculpey, concept by Lucasarts

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Number 28
Number 28's Avatar

Comments: 6

15 Jan 09
3:18 AM

You can mail me, iain@iainreekie.co.uk :)


15 Jan 09
2:42 AM

Where can I buy this!?
And, do you still have the Manny figure you posted last time!
I want them Badly!!

CalaveraCollector's Avatar

Comments: 15

14 Jan 09
9:50 AM

GLOTTIS :D I love this :)

Look, I told ya we don't have any kitty hats today.
Ya have to wait until Tuesday, that's "Kitty Hat Day."
-Doug The Bet Accepter Guy

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