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Grim Fandango meets Psychonauts
By Alia - Tuesday 30th August 2005 @ 3:25 AM

An entry for the second fan art competition on the GFN forums. The guidelines for the picture were "Draw something along the lines of the theme "Grim Fandango meets Psychonauts". Either the two styles combined, or a mix of the characters, whatever." This entry won the competition!

Hey, I'm supposed to be up, awake, and at work in four or five hours! This is the perfect thing to help me put off going to bed.

In other words, I have labored over an entry and will scan and post tomorrow.

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[DOTA]D07's Avatar
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Comments: 20

06 Jan 07
7:30 AM

Awesome drawing, funny too! :p


berra's Avatar
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Comments: 24

11 Sep 06
7:03 AM

That's really cool (: great work ;D

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