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Los Angelitos
By DarkJak - Friday 18th August 2006 @ 7:26 AM

The two angel kiddies, Pugsy and Bibi, from the pc game Grim Fandango. I remember feeling so sorry for these two sitting in a cage working.

I'm in a real gamer mood right now hehe, love drawing game characters from various games, it's a fun challenge.

Note - Original piece by DarkJak is viewable here on DeviantArt!

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Ostentatious's Avatar
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Comments: 43

02 Oct 06
3:22 PM

Their facial expressions and body language are so expressive and emotive, very nice work.

Manuel Calavera:

"What a relief, I was getting concerned that our transport wasn't ostentatious enough."

[DOTA]D07's Avatar
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Comments: 20

19 Aug 06
11:18 AM

That is a really good drawing of Pugsy and Bibi! The closest I could draw would be two stick men!


VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

18 Aug 06
12:54 PM

That is really good. The pic makes me feel sad for them and believe me, that is something. Those two were my least favourite characters.

King Dando
King Dando's Avatar
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Comments: 6

18 Aug 06
10:43 AM

Me too :\(

Its awesome

Mark's Avatar

Comments: 5

18 Aug 06
8:51 AM

very nice!!! :D I wish I could do that kind of stuff :\(


Comments: 53

18 Aug 06
7:31 AM

Wow, this is a really awesome piece of artwork. I love the drawing style and they resember Pugsy and Bibi so well!

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