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By Icequeenkitty - Sunday 10th September 2006 @ 5:16 PM

"With bony hands I hold my partner On soulless feet we cross the floor The music stops as if to answer An empty knocking at the door It seems his skin was sweet as mango When last I held him to my breast But now we dance this grim fandango And will four years before we rest"

Grim Fandango. Awesome AWESOME game. With a film noir feeling, a great sense of humor, romance, and a Day of the Dead visual style you find yourself wrapped up in one amazing adventure. Meet Manuel (Manny) Calavera, "reaper" and travel agent for the dead. Something is fishy in the land of the dead and Manny is caught right in the middle of something bigger than he could have imagined, along with the lovely (and recently deceased) Mercedes Colomar.

Bit of an explaination.... he is not a botanist... nor is he wearing a Boutonniere. The only weapon the dead have against each other is "sprouting". When a skeleton is shot with a gun loaded with the formula they are quickly devoured in flowers and cease to "live"...as it were. So yea. He's been sprouted. Play the game.... they explain it better than I do.

'kay. I really like the top part... but the little Manny at the bottom was just a sketch I didn't have the heart to crop out... so be kind to him.... he might be your agent when you die. :D
Grim Fandango, the poem and all related characters are (c) Lucas Arts and Tim Schafer

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05 Jan 09
8:45 AM


..chasing a trail of smoke and reason..

olla's Avatar

Comments: 27

19 Jan 07
10:24 PM

The contrast between the vibrant flowers and the greys of Manny are very compelling. I think there's a real artistic value with this particular picture. You can see real pain etched into his face, rather remarkable!


I had no feelings about it. It was aloof and licked itself too much, like my cat, Mr. Trotsky.


23 Sep 06
6:53 AM

very beautiful! I have to admit its one of the best fanart that I have ever seen for Grim fandango. My biggest respect!

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

13 Sep 06
1:26 AM

That's stunning! Where do these beautiful pieces of art keep popping up? I love the theme you used and the way you drew him in your own style.

Manny's Avatar
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Comments: 2

11 Sep 06
8:46 PM

Hah, the topic name is my user name and the first paragraph is my signature. Awesome.

With bony hands I hold my partner. On soulless feet we cross the floor.The music stops as if to answer. An empty knocking at the door. It seems his skin was sweet as mango. When last I held him to my breast. But now we dance this grim fandango. And will four years before we rest.

ClemsPaw's Avatar

Comments: 29

11 Sep 06
2:25 PM


User posted image

berra's Avatar
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Comments: 24

11 Sep 06
6:58 AM

I really like it. very intimidating, in a good way (:

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