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Lupe - overzealous coatchecker
By olla - Gallery - Wednesday 17th January 2007 @ 10:59 PM

Well the only thing that really makes Lupe Lupe (aside from the hat) is her voice. And I, sadly, haven't the energy or enthusiasm to capture her sonance.

"Hi Manny!"

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Ostentatious's Avatar
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Comments: 43

23 Jan 07
3:57 PM

Oh wow, Lupe is possibly my favorite minor character ever in a game and this image truly captures the reson why. Her bubbly, warm personality shines through this image and I'm thankful you posted this - it's superb :D.

Manuel Calavera:

"What a relief, I was getting concerned that our transport wasn't ostentatious enough."

ClemsPaw's Avatar

Comments: 29

21 Jan 07
3:33 AM

Very good work!!

User posted image


Comments: 53

20 Jan 07
8:06 AM

This is great! I love it :D. Did you completely redraw this new version (I noticed you updated it)? The style on the new version look much better in my opinion.

olla's Avatar

Comments: 27

19 Jan 07
10:09 PM

I wish I spent more time touching it up - but I only just played the game again recently and have been going nuts trying to capture my favourite characters.

Thanks for the support... I hope it's still around when I get to Glottis. Danke!

I had no feelings about it. It was aloof and licked itself too much, like my cat, Mr. Trotsky.

I say, I say
I say, I say's Avatar

Comments: 2

18 Jan 07
2:53 PM

Very nice- I love the way you have caught her eccentric nature. Keep up the good work.

"It shone pale as bone, as stood there alone, and I asked myself; how the moon casts it light, on my heart's true delight and the reef where her body was strewn"


18 Jan 07
2:14 PM

wow this is great. She looks like her happy hyper self ^^

steve's Avatar
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Comments: 6

18 Jan 07
2:01 PM

Very nice piece of fan art. I love the expression on her face :D

"Ah, Rubacava! Whatta town"

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

18 Jan 07
1:23 PM

I actually like this one more than the previous. You captured her spirit quite well with that happy pose.

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