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Long Gone - I say, I say

Two years have passed since Manny left Rubacava, yet Dockmaster Velasco still remains on those docks alone...

       Chapter 1 - Added 15th February 2007

Chapters - 1 | Comments - 4 | Added - 15th February 2007 | Updated - 15th February 2007

Comments (newest first) - 4 so far

Bas2888's Avatar

Comments: 10

16 Aug 07
12:06 PM

Really really nice! Enjoyed reading it

berra's Avatar
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Comments: 24

16 Apr 07
10:04 AM

I liked it! :)

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

20 Feb 07
7:08 AM

That was great! Your description of Rubacava and the way death makes monsters of us all really stood out in the text. It's also nice to see some Velasco-centric work.

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