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The Buildings of El Maro - Domino

Imagine the many stories that have taken place in the streets and buildings of El Maro, imagine the history these buildings have seen, if only they could tell their story....

       Chapter 1 - Added 9th May 2007

Chapters - 1 | Comments - 5 | Added - 9th May 2007 | Updated - 9th May 2007

Comments (newest first) - 5 so far

Manny 4 Meche
Manny 4 Meche's Avatar
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Comments: 29

21 Dec 08
12:16 PM

Very good backstory, It's a good back story, For a first IT'S IMMENSE

Manuel Calavera: My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.


21 Feb 08
8:16 AM

Very cool background story, D.

Domino's Avatar
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Comments: 11

11 May 07
7:42 AM

This is my first fan fiction so I hope it's not too bad :)

"Consider this your severence"


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