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Grim Fandango part 2 - JBCFenix

Manuel Calavera seems to be having the best time in his death. He is going to ride to eternal happiness with Meche. However things aren't always what they seem... This is my first Grim Fandango fan fiction. It has been circulating in my head for the past few years. Critiscm is greatly encouraged since I know I don't have a perfect writing style or plot. So please comment on whether or not the story gets clichéd or unoriginal. Or even conflicts with the game.

       Chapter 0 - Added 21st December 2007
       Chapter 1 - Added 24th December 2007

Chapters - 2 | Comments - 4 | Added - 21st December 2007 | Updated - 24th December 2007

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31 Jan 09
1:49 PM

u r writing for nothing


Manny 4 Meche
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Comments: 29

22 Dec 08
4:12 AM

This is a really good story, i hope you continue with this it's in depth and reminiscent of Grim Fandango

Manuel Calavera: My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.


21 Feb 08
8:07 AM

I gotta say this: JBCFenix has become intimate with the characters in such a way that he/sh "knows" how they'd behave in a given situation. I truly believe him when he says that he's been mulling over this story for years. And while any one of us can become walking encyclopedias of Manny's world, JBCF shows the ability to be creative and imaginative withing the bonds of that world. Look forward to reading more!

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