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Site Updates
Posted by James on Tuesday 12th May 2009 @ 11:31 AM

You might have noticed the lack of changes to the site recently, which is mainly because I'm actually working on a completely new version of this site. This one was made around 3 years ago, and since then I've learnt a huge amount which can be used to improve the site - for example, I know that the content submission system is a real pain at the moment :p.

None of the existing content, comments, members etc. will be lost - everything will be transferred over, and will be a whole lot easier to use and interact with.

We have a load of new features planned, but if you have any ideas about things to add to the site please let us know either by email or leaving a comment here.

In the mean time, I've finally added in some real CAPTCHA to put a stop to the spam bots, and the automatic login actually works now!

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Comments: 53

09 Jun 09
9:40 AM

Yeah, definitely considering integrating a discussion area in. Not a full-blown forum like vBulletin, but something simpler that works with everything else.

Sanspoof's Avatar
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Comments: 13

08 Jun 09
7:05 PM

Ever think we'll see a forum here mate?

Some have days,
Some have hours,
But in the end...

We all push up flowers

CalaveraCollector's Avatar

Comments: 15

28 May 09
3:44 AM

Awesome ^_^

Look, I told ya we don't have any kitty hats today.
Ya have to wait until Tuesday, that's "Kitty Hat Day."
-Doug The Bet Accepter Guy

Mary Morgan
Mary Morgan's Avatar

Comments: 11

13 May 09
4:36 PM

the registry cleaner thing made me lol

okay i am gonna make a GF animated series when i get a new tablet so stay tuned! at the moment its all concepts


Comments: 53

13 May 09
3:02 PM

Glad to hear that people are looking forward to the changes :D. I've got a load of ideas on how the ease of use and features of the site can be improved.

And yeah, I finally decided to do something about the spam after I saw a stream of 100 "registry cleaner" comments submitted within 5 minutes haha

Mary Morgan
Mary Morgan's Avatar

Comments: 11

12 May 09
9:48 PM

i am new but not that new, lol i have been browsing this site for over a year now, so i just decided to join (finaly).and i love your new improvements, yeah the spam was getting pretty bad wasn't it?

okay i am gonna make a GF animated series when i get a new tablet so stay tuned! at the moment its all concepts


12 May 09
9:27 PM

I am gettin excited :D

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