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Grim Fandango Movie?
Posted by steve on Monday 10th July 2006 @ 4:58 PM

"Tim Burtonís future projects: ďWell, Iím currently woerking on Sweeny Todd, which will be released in mid-2007. After that, Iím gonna start working on a new script that was sent to me recently: Grim Fandango. It sort of follows the style of The nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Itís about a surreal land of the dead, some sort of purgatory where everyone goes when they die. In that place, dead people have to make a four-year transition before they can rest in peace for all the eternity. I still donít know when weíre going to start filming this, though."

Update - 17th July - This rumour has now been proved false. The following was posted here on the LucasForums:

Original comment by Thrik
Okay, the game's up. Thanks to James Isaac for doing the research.

As we can see, The Movie Center posted its 'quote' from Tim Burton about the Grim Fandango movie back on July 6th. A day later on July 7th, a detailed Wikipedia article created by somebody using the nickname "Wesborland" popped up. Take a look at this guy's contribution history and you'll see that he has been continually modifying the article ever since.

As you can see from reading through this thread, a user called Nick_Virago joined the Grim Fandango Discussion forums on July 9th asking whether or not anyone's heard anything about a Grim Fandango movie. A few posts later Nick claimed to have stumbled across this information on The Movie Center and Wikipedia:

Original comment by Nick_Virago
well, according to wikipedia and the movie center, the production of this movie was briefly announced, and there is no telling when the filming will begin:

The Movie Center

Take note of Nick's direct implication that he found the Wikipedia article.

Ever since, Nick has been posting links to all manner of obscure websites that 'back up' the original rumour, all of which reside on free hosting and/or reference The Movie Center as the source. Thing is, some of these sites haven't existed on the internet for more than a few days, and Entertainment Now hasn't even been discovered/crawled by Google at the time of writing.

Today on July 17th, someone called wes_borland left a comment over on the World of Monkey Island about the movie. Yes, the same guy who created the Wikipedia article a week and a half ago.

The best bit? I had a word with Dalixam over at the World of Monkey Island and it turns out that we've got an IP match between Nick_Virago and Wesborland/wes_borland. This guy has been directing us towards sites of his own creation while maintaining the act that he's been finding them.


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01 Nov 09
6:16 AM

Now THIS would make an outstanding movie, giving us not only the chance to see Manny & co. again, but also to give Burton a perfect chance to display all his weirdo talent. If somebody could do such a flick, that's him.


17 Nov 08
11:03 PM

Damn :\( I was super stoked when I saw that quote around the net.. Tim Burton would do an amazing job and I think it would be a perfect match.. hopefully they still do it


01 Sep 07
5:18 PM

And y'know the guy STILL posts on the GF forums regularly as if he hasn't done anything!

Bas2888's Avatar

Comments: 10

16 Aug 07
11:56 AM

I'm praying to the higher spirits...
Let there be a movie

-edit: Nevermind :\(


19 Oct 06
2:58 AM

Whats a real pity is that its not actually happening. wes borland has some fun, i had some fun imagining it, his websites got some good and bad publicity, no one died... no harm done really. as IF johnny depp would turn down playing manny calavera, it'd be right up his alley.. thats the only harm done, to depps image.. if damage to his image is at all possible. :) chill


Comments: 1

27 Jul 06
11:45 PM

Now THIS would make an outstanding movie, giving us not only the chance to see Manny & co. again, but also to give Burton a perfect chance to display all his weirdo talent. If somebody could do such a flick, that's him.

kitmit's Avatar
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Comments: 5

14 Jul 06
12:35 PM



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