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Many thousands of years ago the souls of the living wandered the land of the dead aimlessly.
They had to avoid many dangerous creatures and places.
Many of the newly dead were to afraid to walk through the dangerous dark and creature filled petrified forest.
But a few souls the bravest of them took the risk, so that they may finally reach the ninth underworld and finally embrace the sweet bliss of eternal rest.
As they traversed their way thorugh the perilous forest they came across a group of large trees that had been cut down by the demon beavers.
But what caught their attention was that there was a strange silver liquid pouring out of the trees onto the ground.
They took a good look at this strange substance and right before their eyes it turned into a solid cement like substance the likes of which they had never seen.
As they travelled to the edge of the forest they were attacked by more demon beavers and giant spiders.
Out of desperation they ran all the way back to the other souls where they were safe.
But once they got back they told of the terrifying creatures in the forest but they also told of the strange substance that was in the trees.
Upon hearing this the other souls realised that they could make safe houses and other structures like they had in the old life, out of this substance.
So before long many groups of these souls went into the forest and brought back large amounts of it and they built a small but thriving community.
In honour of the trees which whose marrow was providing them the means to build they named the new town El Maro...

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