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Disclaimer: Grim Fandango belongs to LucasArts. I'm not making money with this story and I'm not associated with the company in any way.


Twitch, twitch, twitch...

An empty stare in those black eye holes,

A creaking echo in his old, fragile bones.

You see him standing there every night and day,

No one knows what he wants or what he may.

"But so freaking what?" I must ask,

After all, he's the only one not trying to get rid of his task.

Twitch, twitch, twitch...

"It's almost finished," he says with a glee,

And I flinch as he watches me.

Those same fingers twitching over and over again for eternity,

Just like my already ended life, wrenched with agony.


"Damn it!"

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