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Tips On Caring For A Injured Ankle

Use Ice Ė If swelling is visible, using ice is crucial.. The best part about icing your ankle is that it will reduce the swelling and it will help you heal much quicker. I would recommend that you do shorts spurts of 10 minutes with ice and then 60 minutes without it. The reason you do this is to make sure that you donít get a cold injury and so that you can also reduce the swelling fast enough.

Ankle Boot Ė Ankle boots are perfect for people that have a sore ankle that isnít swollen. What this will do is immobilize your ankle so that it doesnít re-injure itself. Just know that these are not always used but they do help. My advice would be to wear one for at least 2 weeks, you donít have to wear it while not walking around, it is mainly used to keep your ankle from moving in the wrong direction.

Ankle Exercises Ė Something that I highly suggest is that you do some ankle exercises in order to get your ankle to heal quicker and also be stronger on the flip side. The best ankle exercise is called ankle circles and all you do is put your leg out in front of you and rotate your ankle in small circles. Doing this for 5 minutes a day will greatly benefit you in the long run.

I highly recommend that you are always watching what you are doing since the causes for an ankle sprain is so small. Just know that in regards to a sprained ankle you need to do everything you can to treat it so that it will heal quicker.

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Sprained Ankle