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This Grim Fandango walkthrough was written by Iron Kat. While we would not recommend using a walkthrough as it can take away a lot of the enjoyment you'd get from the game. However, if you're sure you need one, take a look

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 2

For year 2 you’ll need to download the patch.

Go into the office and pick up the papers on the table. Ignore the panel in the desk at the moment you will need it later. Go downstairs and talk to Lupé then go outside and down the steps.

<cut scene>

Talk to Velasco about getting on the Limbo until you run out of dialogue choices. Go across the hub to the Blue Casket and talk to the guys with the book on the table. Show them Salvador’s letters and ask for the book. Talk to Lola and Olivia then leave. Go passed the lift to the docks. Talk to the sea bee, Terry, then give him the book.

<cut scene>

Take lift at the Blue Casket back to Manny’s club. To get there go up the stairs behind the lift. Go to the bar and talk to Glottis then take the Gold Flake Liqueur. Go into the casino and talk to Chowchilla Charlie. Take his ticket printer and the VIP pass and leave after hearing the deal (you get Charlie’s money back from Maximino and he’ll get you a union card). Give the VIP pass to Glottis then leave the club after getting a note from Lola. Lupe will tell you there was a key so you’ll have to find it! Go back down the stairs passed the lift (DON’T go in it!) and on passed the morgue across the blimp bridge. Go down the stairs to the cat race track lobby. Talk to the guy at the booth on the right and he’ll tell you that Tuesday is kitty hat day. Remember that. It’s important for later on. Go down the passage next to Doug’s booth to the VIP lounge. Go into the kitchen and pick up the turkey baster. When Raoul (the waiter) comes into the kitchen and goes into the pantry close the doors on him and use your scythe to lock the doors. Go out of the kitchen and talk to Nick (the guy sitting at the table). Tell him you want a lawyer and that he’s the best lawyer. Threaten him, saying you’ll tell Max about him and Olivia (Olivia is Max’s girlfriend). When Nick leaves pick up the cigarette case and leave the VIP lounge. Go up the stairs you passed earlier (at the end of the blimp bridge) and you’ll be at Carla’s security station. Talk to her then take out the cigarette case. Tell her you found it under her desk. You’ll then get the key. Add the key to your inventory and go back up to Carla. Take a swig from the Gold Flake Liqueur and use the detector. In the back room talk to Carla about the metal detector until she throws it out of the window. Go back down the stairs to the lobby and go down the next flight of stairs. Walk across to the right passed the cat out to the giant litter tray. Pick up the can opener. Go back to the kitchen in the VIP lounge. Climb the ladder and use the can opener on the beer keg. You’ll end up in the basement. Use the fork lift truck and go into the lift. Position the fork lift truck right by the switch on the wall. Get off the truck, press the switch and immediately get back on the truck. Keep pressing the ‘forward’ button so that when the secret door goes passed on the way up the forks will catch hold of it (this is what you need the patch for!). Exit the truck and use the lever on the side to open the door. Run down the passage to get the case. Go back to the kitty litter tray and walk over the plank. Use your scythe on the sand to get the metal detector. Go back passed the crowds and keep going straight on. You’ll go down a flight of steps. Walk forwards over plank. Go across the hub again to the Blue Casket. Go into the kitchen and use the turkey baster on the hookah water in the sink. Go back out and over to the docks. Keep going to the lighthouse. Use the key on the door.

<cut scene>

Pick up the card then take the lift at the Blue Casket to Manny’s club. Give the card to Lupe and she’ll give you Lola’s coat. Search the pockets and you’ll find a piece of paper bearing the words ‘the rusty anchor’. Take the lift back to the Blue Casket and go across the hub down the path directly opposite. Go all the way down until you reach the building at the end. This is Toto Santos’ tattoo parlour. Go into the back room and open the fridge. Pull out the box and quickly take out the turkey baster full of hookah water. Use this on Naranja’s drink bottle when he and Toto are looking at the back room. When Naranja falls asleep take his name tag. Show Toto the paper with the words rusty anchor and he’ll give you a photo. Go back to the cat track lobby and use the ticket printer. Clue: 2nd week, 6th race, kitty hat day. Print the ticket and give it to Doug. If you typed the right info you’ll get a photo. Take this to the VIP lounge where Nick is sat. Give him the photo and he’ll get Terry out of jail. Go down to the morgue and give Membrillo the metal detector. When he isn’t looking throw Naranja’s name tags onto one of the bodies. When you are outside go up the stairs to Manny’s club. Go to Manny’s office and use the panel in the desk. When the number 2 glows press the magnet button.

<cut scene>

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